White Ferrari, Good Times.


Notes: santal, sandalwood & iris

Inspired By: "White Ferrari"- Frank Ocean

This is the candle that burns at your rich friend’s house. It’s sipping vodka out of their mom’s fine crystal. White Ferrari is strolling through The Met on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the white marble countertops of the Ludlow. It’s owning a summer home in the Hamptons and buying a white ferrari just for it to sit in your driveway. It’s swiping your black AMEX without a care in the world. White Ferrari is luxury. It’s white faux fur, luxurious (but woke). It’s diamonds and gold. White Ferrari is extravagance in a candle.

Best Paired With:  Cucumber Mint Spritz


1 Cucumber

1 Lime, juiced

10 leaves of mint

1 sugar cub.

3oz Vodka or Gin

1oz St Germian

1oz Club Soda


Chop and crush cucumber in a bowl. Strain through a fine sieve, pressing the solids with a spoon to extract all the liquid. Place lime juice, sugar cube, and mint in a glass and muddle until sugar is dissolved. Combine sugar mixture, cucumber juice, vodka or gin, and St Germain in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Use a strainer and pour over ice and top with club soda. Garnish with cucumber ribbons and mint leaves.

Zodiac: Virgo / Capricorn

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